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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Rubbers and Republicans

Religion is under attack by the Obama Administration for telling people they should use rubbers or the pill or something in Catholic organizations (churches are exempt) and that they really don't have to use them just that whoever is insuring them has to pay for them. So the Catholics may find themselves tempted to cut open the plastic of a rubber or crack the bottle of a birth control pill and betray their Catholic teachings that only Ric Santorum Pious X can claim to have followed because Ric Santorum is the most pious on high. And if you don't believe it then just ask him. But desperate times require desperate measures and one thing the three stooges are is desperate (romney,newt santorum, you pick who is who).

And so we are now treated to the latest blunt instrument of Republican dirty tricks which used to be the old politics of fear, but that darn Obama zapped Osama and the war in Iraq ended and the terrorists seem to be on the run and that pesky economy is doing better even better. Mitt says it would have done a lot better except for the guy in the White House, but of course that  isn't working because unemployment is falling and people seem to be feeling better about the economy. This leaves only a few grenades to throw, so lets throw rubbers and birth control pills at the Democrats.

Yeah they are attacking religion. They are making Catholics use RUBBERS or BIRTH CONTROL pills against their wishes! Unbelievable. Why I heard they are using the police to enforce these rules, flying squads of RUBBER SWAT TEAMS. Hold it! NO PROCREATING! Get that rubber on...NOW! Take that pill young lady or you are going to JAIL! Phew. Thank God Boehner is standing up for religion and we can all go back to procreating in safety.

Man that was close. Imagine, Catholics having sex for fun! Disgusting.

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