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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Republican Frankenstein

Watching Newt you can't help believe the Republicans did it to themselves. Newt talked like he didn't lose Florida, he talked like he won! That would be right in line with Newt who is so delusional and self aggrandizing they really have to come up with a better adjective than megalomaniac to describe a guy who lays out the Executive Orders he will sign the first day in office as he pledges his finances, his soul, his heart, and just about anything else to bribe voters to become President. And he won't quit. No way. Neither will Santorum or Ron Paul. It is the Frankenstein the Republicans have created that is going to dog them all the way to the convention.

Started with Fox News that decided that it didn't matter if Obama won the election, he was fair game for a network bent on deligitimzing his Presidency. Joined by the JUST SAY NO obstructionists with a stated goal of getting rid of Obama whatever the cost; the current was provided to resurrect the Frankenstein that would serve the Republicans well, keeping the government from dong anything, campaigning for four years against the President, a no holds barred, take no prisoners Juggernaut that said if we cant have it, then nobody can. Enter Newt.

I wonder where he learned the scorched earthed policy that served him so well the last time around. So he got pitched out of the Senate. His tactics came back in vogue when McConnell put politics above the country and the Tea Party nut balls came in like the Marines. And they will do anything to win.  They have proved it with our budget battles and the debt ceiling and birther movement and just about anything to destroy the Presidency of Obama. But guess what, Frankenstein will not go back to sleep.

You think you have heard Newt in rare form. Wait. Wait as he goes nuclear and figures if he cant have it nobody can. Ugly will not be the word, disgusting will the tone of annihilation politics that the Republicans have developed over the year. But the problem is that like the atomic bomb, they just cant stop those atoms from pinging around. So the politics of total war is at play in the primary. They will tear each other to pieces right up to the Convention. Their calls for party unity ring hollow. They threw that out a long time ago with their singular every man for himself kamikaze run that has been used against the Democrats for the last twelve years probably starting with the attack on the Clintons.

But now their monster is clanking along, arms extended, marching toward Romney, then Newt, then Santorum, then Paul. The question is will there be anyone standing at the end? And will anyone care by then? Doubt it.
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