Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The President...what a...SNOB!

Snobs go to college.  Snobs go to Ivy League schools. Snobs become lawyers. Snobs are President of the Law Review. Snobs become President. ABC equals Z in Santormi land. Even when he loses he wins. Grinning like a Cheshire cat he announces his loss in Michigan and Arizona. Yeah baby we lost. They  know us now. But I digress. The latest pathetic evolution of dumb and dumber is to play the really dumb American who believes upward mobility is elitism and the biggest elitists in the world is a black man from a broken family who managed to go college and then become President. What a (drum roll) SNOB!

And so Ricky has put the reverse back into the American Dream and finished off what George Bush started with the implicit implication that anyone who is smarter than you is suspect. Especially a  black guy who became President. But mothers do not let your children grow up to become College Students because then they will be subject to libertine influences and bearded Mao dictating Socialist and Communists reading Kerouac's On The Road advocating sex and drugs and by the way no contraception allowed ala Ricky.

So do not even think about the SATs or ACT's. Be happy you are uneducated and stay that way. Elitists are merely smart people who think they are smarter than everyone else. Again,(drum rolll) ...what a SNOB! Imagine people who think their kids might  not have to work in a factory or at a gas station. They should be happy for their wage and their job and to think they might go to college and get a job that puts them in a higher income bracket or gives them a leg up is very un American and reminds one of that guy in the White House who encourages education....what a (drum roll) ...SNOB!

I would hate to think what that makes Mr. Three Degrees. Mr. Home school because public education is not good enough for his kids. Mr. Religion elitist who sits on Mount Chasity and looks down on all the fornicating masses having kids out of wedlock and spreading the devils will while he sits in Congress among the one percent and has the best health care in the world and the best advantages....Jesus! What a...(drumroll one more time) ....SNOB!

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