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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Madonna and the Super Bowl

Madonna, Bruce, Aerosmith, U2...Black Eyed Peas? Well, almost. So Madonna is the Super Bowl. So we are all boomers. So music on the radio in some cases is forty years old being played as contemporary music. Classic rock? How about old rock. Really old rock. But if you zoom around on Chicago stations you find mostly old classic rock. The Stones, Boston, Zeppelin, Who...I have nothing against these groups but it is weird when you realized you are listening to a song from 1968 and that is FIFTY YEARS OLD.

Weird. Right. I mean why do they keep playing old music? Simple of course because the Boomers are the biggest population swell to ever come through the pipe and they will keep marketing to them until they are dead and even then they will keep marketing to them...(kids of the dead boomers remember your parents with the greatest hits of the sixties). But I digress. Madonna is our Superbowl entertainment and what does that say?

Hmmm. Tweener rock is a safe bet. Tail end boomers...Madonna is fifty something and so she isnt hard core boomer but eighties  tweener who is really bringing up the tail end of that big swell. The tweeners are nothing to be sneezed at U2, Clash, Cure, Madonna. And Madonna while laughable musically is mainstream and the big lesson of the Black Eyed Peas was don't put anybody up there who you cant play on mainstream stations and have everyone recognize their songs.

Madonna songs are not that old. Maybe twenty five or thirty years tops. In Classic Rock land she is a youngster. Too bad Frank isn't still around. Maybe the Four Tops. A reunion of the remaining two Beatles. Let's dig up an Eddie Cantor look alike. Al Jolson. Shirley Temple could do a dance. Maybe not.

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