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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Kid Rock gives Romney Permission to use his song

Ever since Ted Nugent went wacko right wing gun toter with Cat Scratch Fever intensity there is that curious blend of working class rockers who side with the men of means and wealth and big business. So no surprise that Kid Rock gave his blessing to Mitt to use his tune as the backdrop to his campaign of Wealth Health and Happiness or POOR PEOPLE NEED NOT APPLY. I suppose the Kid figures Mitt is just a man of the earth like his Michigan roots portray and he could just as well be partying and "smoking funny things" and listening to Lynrd Skynrds Sweet Home Alabama.

Or maybe he the Kid just isn't into people who aren't rich. I hate to break the news but the Kid is of the ONE PERCENT and as a member he must support those who support him. I mean I know it is more of a hey we all have the same chance and I'm not into handouts that pushed the Kid to lend his song. Or maybe it is his unabashed patriotism that Republicans claim to own not like those namby pampy wimpFirst Chapter of Rocket Man y Democrats who seem to have trouble just putting hand over their hearts during the Pledge of Allegiance. See Obama video.

Maybe the Kid just doesn't dig the President. He is a long way from Michigan and partying and smoking funny things kind of everyman persona the kid exports. Maybe too much Harvard, too much polish, not enough tattoos and Michelle is a long way from Pamela Anderson. But at the heart the Kid is a business man. He does not put his tunes on ITUNES because as he says you have to pay for a good product. Savvy, savvy, Kid. You could almost hear Mitt there. You have to pay for a good product. I'm not worried about the poor people. Corporations are people. We were smoking funny things.

I get it.
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