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Thursday, February 23, 2012

John King Should Punch Back

John King should have really told Newt Gingrich to fuck off. What is with that guy? Didn't anybody tell John King of CNN you have to fight back. Since when did journalists become such wimps? This was not always the case. Edward Murrow and company would have told Newt the pompous ass to fuck off. Journalists used to be very hard bitten fellows who were not above taking a punch. If anyone deserves a punch it is Newt Gingrich. And John King should have done it in the debate last night.

Newt has been riding King for a while. He humiliated him about three debates ago with the same tactic of accusing the elite liberal media of being bias. Horseshit as my father used to say. Newt is just pissed because he is getting called out along with the other Republicans for the wacky narrow social issues they have focused on to use as wedge issues against Obama. Religion, procreation, abstinence, birth control, abortion, contraception. Name it and the oh mighty middle aged white ones are using it. But Newt is just a bully and a bully needs to be confronted.

Last night King brought up contraception and Newt blasted him by saying that during the Obama debates issues like these were never brought up. He turned the question against King and gave everyone a pass and even emboldened Romney to snipe back at poor old John. King really should have swung back at Newt and told him to shut up and answer the question or get off the stage. It is time for the mainstream media to push back against these wacko far right Republicans who think they can bully their way to the Presidency.

I hope John gets another crack at Newt or somebody does. But the next time he brings up the lame stream media ala Sara Palin then whoever is posing the question should respond by saying: Shut up and answer the question. That should get Newt going and make great television. Ratings will soar and maybe these clowns will realize they cant hide when they don't like the question.

You know what guys, if you cant take the heat, get  the hell out of the kitchen.

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