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Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Great Recession Story

Saw my neighbor and some friends hurriedly throwing wood into a pickup truck. I hadn't seen him since he divorced his wife and we all speculated that Ron might have just left the house. They couldn't sell of course and so they squatted like two Indians waiting for the next one to blink. Rons business had gone down the tubes when municipalities quit paying their bills and his wife didn't want him sopping up all of her money trying to save it. So they divorced and remained in the same house.

But one day two squads pulled up and we  never saw Ron again. He was just gone. We speculated that maybe he was still in the house but Ann only kept a few lights on and Ron used to light up the house like Christmas. So we figured the police meant Ron had been kicked out and we forgot all about it until I saw him out there by his woodpile with three women and two men. They moved like lightning throwing the cord wood into the back of Ron's white pickup. I used to help Ron cut that wood. It was sort of a fall ritual.

They finished throwing the wood in the truck and sure enough a squad pulls up. I see Ron talking to the cop, gesturing to his wood and the cop shaking his head. Finally Ron left and then the cops left. I stared at where the wood used to be. Ron loved chopping that wood. It was a ritual and now it was just gone. We would all be gone eventually. Ron was just the first.

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