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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dirty Harry gives Obama the Nod.

Clint Eastwood is one tough dude. Just watch  him in any of his movies except The Bridges of Madison County where he wears sandals and carried a camera. Even then he was kind of tough, standing in the rain, leaving town as Meryl Streep cried rivers because her one true man was leaving. Oh well. Clint does what he has to do and he did it again in the commercial celebrating Detroit and America's Greatness. Cue populist scenes from Americana inc and Clint's gravelly voice rolling along, walking through the auto plants, America's comeback interlaced with Detroits. And here I thought it was just a feel good commercial for GM. But NOOOOOOOO

It was an ad for Obama! How stupid of me. How unpolitical. Why didn't I see Dirty Harry's support for our President as he celebrated how the automobile industry came back from near extinction thanks to our President who said, no, we bailed out the crooks, lets bail out the people who actually work for a living. And old Cllint walks on talking about our comeback, kicking the Mormon guy away yapping at his heels...but but but but but...I really wanted to bail out the auto industry too! Sorry punk Dirty Harry mutters.

And how smart of the Republicans to point out that this was an ad for Obama! How many people connected those dots. Carl Rove did and then he told everybody. Thank God. Again I just thought it was a car commerical, but Carl told us what a great job the President did bringing them back and said Clint had to be a hired gun. Well Clint is no hired gun. Go see The Outlaw Josey Wales Carl. He is his own man and he would spit a plug on your head Carl if given the chance.

But I guess it is true. The President bailed out Detroit and Clint was right to point out that America is far from knocked out. And I guess if you look at it through Carl Rove's eyes, the second half Clint referred to is Obama's second term. Wow. Stupid me! I thought he was talking about the second half of the Super Bowl! Duhhh! I really gotta stop taking those stupid pills or start listening to Carl more. Now there's a guy who knows his stuff! But he shouldn't mess with Clint.

Or he might just ask him that question, well, do you feel lucky...punk?

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