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Saturday, February 11, 2012

America the Pious

You wouldn't think we have internet porn or our television shows are practically x rated now. You wouldn't think that traditional marriages are a minority and that going to church is falling back to the clubs and organizations that vanished in the fifties. But religion is high jacked for all sorts of reasons and the far right and everyone else who decided this was the wedge issue of the election would have us believe we back in the nineteenth century and like the Amish we are avoiding eye contact and not touch the unclean thing.

But such is the dichotomy of our schizophrenic national culture. We have Lady GaGa and we have our private parts. Americans are curiously Victorian and look like country cousins when it comes to sexuality in comparison to our European neighbors. Its like we are all Puritans again in our flocks with out head bowed in pew begging for forgiveness. Then we are promoting super XXX movies and breaking barriers and exporting a sex soaked culture that blows away the biggest libertines. Go figure.

So now we are back in chaste mode. Birth control bad bad. You really shouldn't do that before marriage. Sex good good but birth control bad bad. It really is our dual edged guilt complex. America the land of do what you want but feel tremendously guilty about it. Freedom with a chastity belt. I wonder if I could market that?

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