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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Zuccotti Park

Quiet since the protesters were roused from their sleep and the park deserted. The OWS movement still rolls along but there is that feeling that the nexus of the movement was in the damp sleeping bags and sterno stoves and mountain pod tents we saw on the news. People were doing something and this was exciting. My generation rolled along under the quiet blanket of a party headed by Duran Duran/ Talking Heads/U2. Our rebellion was more cerebral, if not artistic. Nothing that couldn't be settled with a snoot full of blow.

But the protesters in Zuccotti Park did not graduate into that world. Theirs was very different. We could hide because the economy while not great was not in the dire straits of the last four years. You could find a job and things started to really boom. Girls Just wanna have fun and so did everyone else. And we did. Wasn't much on the social activism side of the equation. But really, what was there to protest against? Not enough money? Not enough thin ties and pointy shoes to go around?

But I digress. Zuccotti Park required that people risk something. Even if it was just a night sleeping on the cold ground or the danger of getting maced or arrested. It has been a long time since anyone I know risked anything. It just wasn't in our lexicon. What is the big deal might sum it up. Or maybe people just wanna have fun. Until they can't.
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