Thursday, January 12, 2012

Why Republicans Wont Drop Out

Of course the Republican candidates wont drop out after New Hampshire where it is clear Mitt is the man. Its the same reason they never stopped campaigning against the President. They have a bad case of I want what I want combined with this makes me famous and I get to sell books. The truth is the race for President has fallen victim to our crappy culture of fame at any price. And what better way to cement your fame and get book deals and television deals than running for President.

Look no further than Christine McDonnell . She got a book deal  just for running for Congress. It doesn't matter she had no qualifications, the point is the game now is (and I know this is no surprise) to get notoriety any way you can and to stay in the limelight. This trumps all, movies, television, publishing, music, politics. Is it any wonder Lady GaGa is as famous for her music as her outfits. One ensures the other. And just take a stroll through reality land and we see people getting money for crime, working, having babies.

The point is the Republicans will stay in to the end because individually they profit. What is hilarious is the same kamikaze approach they take to the President they take to their own party. Obviously it would be for the good of the Republican party for them to rally around one candidate. But jerks don't do that.  They take the attitude that if I cant win then I'm going to take down the winner. The Hemingway quote applies here:

In end the age was handed the kind of shit it demanded. Party on boys.
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