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Sunday, January 1, 2012

What I won't miss about 2011

The economy. I will not miss the shakes and starts and sputtering of our economy. I will not miss the value of my house falling like a rock. I wont miss all the slash and burn Republicans talking about the deficit as the reason we are not prospering. I wont miss the attacks on the middle class by Tea Party freshman who think it is their duty to put us on the moral highroad of fiscal sanity. I wont miss everyone ignoring the fact that people having no money is directly related to the lack of value in their biggest asset: their house. I wont miss everyone talking about loan modifications that no one gets anyway. I wont miss banks still giving millions of dollars in bonus while foreclosures run wild.

I wont miss the Republican candidates.  I wont miss the pick of the week candidates who implode the next week. I wont miss Herman Cains 999 plan. Or Michelle Bachmann talking about waterng the tree of liberty. Or Rick Perry forgetting all the agencies he wants to abolish. Or Newt Gingrich claims he was a historian for Fannie Mae that got paid millions. Or Mitt Romney hoping that by being bland and slippery he will get elected President. I wont miss Ron Paul telling people they should just die if they don't want to pay for their own health care.

I wont miss Anthony Wiener and his pictures flexing his pectorals.Or Sarah Palin not running for President and then going on bus vacations she cancels. I wont even miss Donald Trump running for President when he's not and then holding debates he doesn't moderate when no one shows up. I wont miss birthers. I wont even miss all the crappy music that rules hip hop that sounds like chick rock combined with machine music combined with disco. I wont miss classic rock stations playing forty year old music over and over and over again. I wont miss the Stones not ever going away. I wont miss Lady Ga Ga's costumes.

I wont miss gridlock in government where nothing can be accomplished. I wont miss extremists or zealots or anyone else who says they are doing the peoples business and that our children will have to pay for our spending. I wont miss the NRA protecting gun owners rights while we arm ourselves to the teeth. I wont miss Gabby getting shot in the head. I wont miss the one percent paying no tax and the ninety nine percent paying all the tax. I wont miss Osama Bin Laden. I wont miss the Iraq war. I wont miss a fiction market based on blockbusters. I wont miss crappy reality shows about cooking, tattoos, trucking, and normal things people do every day but are put on television. as entertainment.  I wont miss everyone talking about  the Myan calendar and the end of the war. Or Global Warming that doesn't really exist as the Polar Ice Caps melt.

But you want to know  the real reason why I wont miss all these things?
Because I'll see them all in 2012!
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