Sunday, January 22, 2012

Newt won in South Carolina, how surprising....

Take a guy who calls the President a Food Stamp President and throws bombs at the media and uses all sorts of code for talking about why blacks don't understand how to work because they are on welfare and throw in crappy marriages and a smear it with a smarmy smile and you have the Conservative dream of a candidate. Too bad he's not doing a tour of Southern States where he could rail against the NAACP and those lazy blacks and that liberal commie loving media, man, he might be elected President!

Newt is like one of those frat guys everyone knows is a jerk but he gets all the girls anyway and gets drunk and continually makes an ass of himself until he finally gets the Presidents daughter pregnant or wraps his car around a tree. Newt has done amazingly well for a jerk. But that is what the far far right wants. They want a guy who will say anything and Newt will.  Not unlike a shock jock whose ratings go up the more he insults people.

So people who think South Carolina is a bellwether for anything but the neo--cons who love the guy because he is willing to call Obama a Food Stamp President and knows how to get the dudes with the Confederate flags and pickups to vote for him... are fooling themselves.  Too bad he probably won't be the nominee, the stampede from Democrats and Liberals and Independents would be palpable. But if he were the nominee then that  old George Bush device of it aint who you vote for its who you vote against would kick in.

And you can bet they will vote against Newt.

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