Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's called Fiction Folks

That question.You get it on the tip of the tongue. So what do you do supplement your incom? It is asked as the innocent probe sandwiched in there with how are the kids. And you treat it the same way. Oh, a little of this and that because what they are really asking is how do you keep writing? Why are  you not working a job like I am? And they are pleasant. You still have your house? My last novel was about a man who was losing his house and a financial wreck. Rocket Man It's called fiction.

But in the reality of our reality age there is no line anymore. Of course you are writing about yourself otherwise why would you write? So I get the looks, the side glances. Does your wife work? No. That throws them off but they keep coming. Well I hope you are still with her and she can put up with someone like you. Where do you go with that one.. But the last novel also had a crappy marriage at the center. Again, you surely are not writing about someone else!

Writers get this kind of stuff  all the time. It goes with the territory. So is your dad really that much of an asshole. Did you really blast off all those rockets? Did you really cut down the sign to your subdivision? Oh your poor wife. So when are you moving? Do you really hate the suburbs that much? And what other jobs do you work?

It called fiction folks. Remember. Suspension of disbelief. You make it up. Right. Sure you do.

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