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Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Big Book

You think in terms of smaller books. They are easier to sell and handle. Big books not so much. They are scary because you are investing time and energy in something a lot of people will tell you not to write. Big Books are The Corrections or Freedom or The Art of Fielding. You are trying to get your arms around the whole picture and that's a hard thing to do. And it is physically demanding

You cant just sluff up to the writing table. You cannot do a few things at once. The big book requires everything you have and then some. Very athletic. It is physically longer, maybe two or three hundred thousand words. It is psychically more demanding because you have to stay big picture even as you dive down into intimate scenes. And it is a longer time commitment....writing a first draft for at least a couple hours a day or more if you can keep from burning out.

But there is that challenge. You want to challenge yourself and see if you can pull of the big book. You probably only have one shot at it in a lifetime. And you can only do it when you feel you are ready physically, emotionally and financially. So you do it. You go for it. In a way, you will never be better. Even if you fail
Rocket Man...a story of one mans war with suburbia

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