Friday, December 30, 2011

Our Conflicted Global Warming Holidays

Um. I don't know about you but Global Warming is here. I live in Chicago and we have not seen snow. Not only have we not seen snow we have had temperatures in the fifties! This is not normal for us. Every day for the last month has been rainy and foggy and depressing. Then the days that are sunny look strange and alien. There are no leaves on the trees and the grass is dead but the sun beams down strangely warm and you have weird thoughts like I should go biking...on December 29th no less!

Our Christmas did not seem like Christmas. Maybe we have been spoiled because we usually have snow on the ground but this year we had nothing at all. Not a flake. Alright maybe a flake but it was gone by morning. The lack of seasonal cheer turned our holidays into something like Florida. I realized just the other day I had not worn gloves or a scarf yet. I have been hacking around in my thin leather coat. There has been no ice skating, sledding, making snowmen, snowballs...nothing even similar. I walk outside in a T shirt to get wood for the fire we don't really need. So what is up?

Ah. I know climate cycles. Just a fluke. Why last year we had a blizzard! But this is different. There is no trace of our usually frozen ground and the grass has started to turn green again. Even the Canadian Geese are flying back! Alright, they aren't but they sure could. Anyway. Weather affects everyone and everyone says they are very depressed about our Seattle type climate. As I write this people are sitting outside the Starbucks smoking a cigarette. In shorts no less. Happy Holidays!
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