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Friday, December 2, 2011

Last Train out of Chicago

Sir. I need help. We are stranded and we need to catch the next train out. I cant help you I'm sorry. Said while rushing up to catch the midnight train out of Chicago. Wisps of snow fall down on a breathing freight parked by the platform. Chicago glows in the cold darkness, a glittering city of Oz. Hey man. Hey  man. Those people ask you for money. Yeah. The black man with the wool hat appeared out of nowhere. Nowhere.

They do that shit every night man. I'm straight up. Man I need help I say so. Just got out of the pen man. Eight years and now I'm on the street. You a player. I can tell. They are just pulling the same old con. The couple come out onto the platform. Fighting. The woman with bruises rushes past. We have to get on this train. Yeah man. They do this shit every night...but hey man you help me out you know with a few bucks. I already have my hand on four dollars.

Yeah I was going to give it to them but now not so fast. A con. Sure. The homeless con in Chicago and I'm stranded. You really think they are lying? Man. Course they are. I'm for real. I see the train coming from Chicago. The last train out. Cmom man just give me a couple bucks. I hand the money over and he starts walking. I got your back man. You ever by the library we play chess.

The train rushes in and the couple jumps on. The man goes into the bathroom. The conductor faces the woman and then pulls the stop cord. Come on...get your boyfriend out of the bathroom. I watch him escort them off the train back into the night.  The sleeping suburban people don't stir.

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