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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Frustrated Writers and Cynical Kid Cartoons

Take a writer who is not getting out his steam into the proper forum and you have cynical kid cartoons. My daughters watch cartoons that are more nihilistic than Sartre. I listened to Fairly Odd Parents the other day and the slash and burn dialogue was blowing way over my seven year olds head. It was just scatological crappy attacks on everything and while I appreciate good satire as much as the next person I would say to those writers: go start writing your fiction or non fiction or whatever it is you choose and forget about cartoons. Your message is falling on deaf ears.

The deaf ears of children who do not get half of what is going on in Sponge Bob. I like Sponge Bob. It is hilarious but my kids just stare while I crack up. Most of the humor is directed at adults yet Sponge Bob is for kids at it's base level. Not that there isn't precedent here. The old Warner Brothers Looney Tune cartoons were aimed at kids and adults. You can still watch these cartoons and get a good chuckle at the literary allusions or the references to film. But there is a difference here.

The tired cynicism of todays cartoons is not there. The cartoons of today lack the uplifting wit and fall back on just straight out attack on everything. Boring. And here is the thing guys. You are writing for kids. No one is hearing your rants. So what I would do is go into work and quit your job and start writing fiction. At least you'll get an adult audience. If that's what you want.

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