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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Filling up the writing well

The well goes dry quickly. Maybe a couple hours. Those dudes who write all day are amazing. For most writers it is a few hours and the day is finished. All you can do is gas up for the next day. And you really cant cheat it. Internet has to be cut. Problems avoided. Reading increased. Early to bed and you better not drink or the well water slops all over the floor. You have to pull in your antenna and parcel out what little you have like a miser. Even writing this takes some, but this is after the fact.

Writers only have so much psychic energy. So much zap. So that is why it is best to write in the morning before making a living and life takes everything out of you. I used to like to write at dusk with the world quieting down and I could hide in my garret. But that was before wife and kids and mortgage and bills. Life was simpler then so I took to the mornings.

The well is precious and little things can drain it. Too much drama in your life. Lack of sleep. Not eating right. Sickness. Not reading well. Psychological hangups. A pestering friend, lover, wife, husband, who wont respect your right to disconnect from the world. All you are after is a little dance with the Gods for an hour or two and then a long slow period of resting up to do it all again.

Not so much to ask.

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