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Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Christmas Moment

It comes toward the end after all the buying and eating and wrapping and toasting and bloating and hangovers and kissing and hugging and draining the bank account and maxing the cards and packing and getting everyone in the car for the holiday rituals after the tree is decorated and the stockings are hung and the snow that did not come on the day before Christmas and the breakfast of coffee cake and coffee at the crack of dawn and the wrapping strewn all over the living room and the kids are playing with the toys you hoped would make them happy and the fire is cold from the night before and you have just downloaded music for a seven year olds MP3 player without getting totally ripped off after fighting with bad sites for hours.

Then comes the Christmas moment. You hit the couch and you have a few hours before grandmas and all the relatives and so you put your head back and look at the train and the tree and you realize for just a second it is Christmas and you remember what being a child is all about. You suddenly forget about work and money and the stress slithers away and you feel it rush in as you close your eyes. You are a kid again and there is not a damn thing to worry about. You sleep in a dreamy half sleep hearing the Christmas Carols and the train clacking around the tree and you remember when all you had to do was wake up on Christmas morning and open your gifts.

And it doesn't last long. You give yourself maybe twenty minutes on the couch but already there is trouble on the horizon. The house is a wreck and you have to pack up and go in two hours. Showers to be taken bags to be packed, presents still to be wrapped. You jump up and start cleaning up the mountains of paper, but you feel better. You just got a glimmer of Christmas.

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