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Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Unforgivable Sin in America

It's not yourself that you see getting old, it is everyone around you. Somehow that mirror doesn't cut back to you but it is there if you bother to look. But the point is everyone is guilty. In America there is really only one thing you don't want to do and that is age. Lose your mind, become a coke fiend, shoot up a McDonalds and who knows you might end up with a book deal or a made for TV movie. But get old and you are done.

Probably the boomers. Yeah, blame it on them. Watch Woodstock or Spinal Tap again and see the the crappy rock and roll culture that can really only hold up one thing although our King  Rockers are sixty something but somehow they get a pass. They're rockers! Rockers don't age. The rest of us it is every man or woman for himself. And the sad thing is there is not a damn thing you can do about it.

Lets say you pull a Joan Rivers and turn into a plastic doll. Everyone says, wow, there goes a really old plastic doll. Or maybe you are Demi Moore who figures she can keep Ashton around by just being Scotch voiced Demi but the bitch of turning fifty is you turn fifty and Ashton had that annoying habit of looking like he was twenty. And so he dumped Demi and Demi can says she dumped him and they had differences...yeah, like twenty five years.

But we paddle on. How come Humphrey Bogart never was considered old? Or Frank Sinatra? Or Clark Gable or Spencer Tracy or all the film noir guys in long coats and fedoras.? Was it they had a heater in their coat or was it the fact our Justin Bieber youth culture hadn't kicked in and made everyone into adults who look like children.

In the F. Scott Fitzgerald short story At Your Age he gets his hand around age with a story about a fifty year old man pursing a twenty year old girl. In the end when the man loses her to a younger man, he goes to visit the home where he grew up. Fitzgerald eloquently sums up what he really lost out against.
"He was just trying to break his tired old heart before he was too old to care. What he really had done was  to commit  ages unforgivable sin...refusing to die. "
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