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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Are You Rich?

The Super committee bit the dust of course and leaves us with one central question: are you rich? Lets define rich in the simplest of terms. You don't have to work. I know a few people that are rich. Two people actually. They go to Florida for the winters and take cruises and buy cars with cash and own their homes and have millions in liquid funds with reserves in index funds that kick out a comfortable income. They don't worry about paying their bills. They don't work. They will never work. They are simply rich.

Now if you qualify then you are very happy with what happened with the Super Committee. They scored one for you because the Republicans blocked every attempt to compromise with a simple premise: no taxing the rich. Period. So if you are in this group and remember you cannot be well off. You cannot sing along in your two hundred and three hundred thousand dollar income and think you are rich. You are not. You cannot think if your house is paid you are rich. You are not. Remember, you have to be able to stop working and live the way you want. That is rich. So if you are rich then you are happy.

Now for the rest of us we are not so happy. We will now be hit with across the board cuts to everything. We will see the payroll tax expire and unemployment benefits expire. We will watch the entire budget be held hostage to military cuts. We will see Medicaid and Medicare attacked while the economy spirals. The credit faucet that is now turned off to the tune of twenty percent of the loans going through will now be cranked even tighter. Gird lock in all it's glory will continue.

So if you think the Republicans have done you a favor then I hope you are rich. I hope you are not confused and think they represent you Mr. Middle class or Mr. Upper Middle class. They do not. You are not rich and probably never will be. The rich were represented at the table. So hold a glass of champagne high if you are rich. Lay back in your chair on that beach. Yeah baby.

You know, it's good to be King.
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