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Monday, October 10, 2011

The Sixties are back in The Teens

Was a kid during the sixties but I picked up the vibes and they are the same. The squares thought they could do an end run under the crummy guise of patriotism and fiscal responsibility and call themselves a name hearkening back to throwing tea into the Boston Harbor. Figure the left had gone to sleep and now look what has happened, we have a generational conflict mirroring the big push back of the counterculture in the sixties when Vietnam lit the fuse. Now it is pillaging of the American dream on a massive scale touching off the new powderkeg of populist discontent.

And it is the young again. The middle aged middle class people have too much to lose usually to go park it in New York or Chicago or LA. But if you read about the OWS movement and listen to the pundits calling them anti American or class warfare warriors or mobs or rabble rousers or just plain un-American you think all the way back to the bearded bums statements by many during the sixties. The students then were agitators or Communists or anarchists or socialists or agents of the Soviet Union. The college students to Nixon and company were nothing short of the enemy and Kent State proved the point.

And will we have another Kent State? The keg is being filled and you wonder who will touch it off. Will the police try and clear the park or will somebody call in the National Guard again. Who knows? But the lines are being drawn and it is lining up just like fifty years ago when one generation drew a line against another. And look what came out of that turbulence...our very culture.

We'll see this time what comes out of our new sixties which might well be called... the teens.
It fits doesn't it?


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