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Saturday, October 8, 2011

One free large pizza, a litre of Coke and Herman Cain

The self made angry black man is really pretty interesting. He is the other side of the Obama coin. He didn't come up through the Ivy league he came up through he sausage and onions and Pepperoni school of hard knocks. And he is angry. An angry black man, go figure. Lot different from the dude in the White House who recently got angry but for the most part was pretty mellow. Herman breathes angry because he had to scrabble his way through America and make it on his own.

His nine nine nine plan shows what a man who is practical can come up with. You can just see him figuring up special offers on pizza. One large with everything and free wings. Why not? The best thing about Herman besides wanting to mix in gospel to Hail to the Chief and calling out Jon Stewart on The Daily Show for Amos and Andy rifts, is that he thinks he can do it. Now who would have planted that idea?

Maybe Obama is the Jackie Robinson of American politics. Maybe he will be a one termer who paves the way for others. But could there be a Herman without an Obama? I don't think so. Obama broke the color barrier and now Herman can get up there and whip pizza inspired economic plans and not be worried being black will take all the fight out of his pie slinging based empire. Four years ago it would be unthinkable.

And Herman will not get the nomination. America still needs a black man who sounds white and Herman does not sound like that. And he is a little bit of a loaded gun and shoots off at the mouth a bit too much for Republican sensibilities. But you have to admire his moxie and can do spirit. So a large pizza, a litre of Coke, and a Presidential nomination for Herman Cain. Free delivery on Saturdays.

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