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Thursday, October 6, 2011

An Agenda for Occupy Wall Street

Everyone one talks about there is no agenda for the OWS movement. Well here is my two cents. First put it all under a Bailout for the Middle Class. Everyone else got theirs, the banks, Wall Street, Auto, Insurance, so why not the people? So here is what I would do.

 First. Housing. The Middle class has no value in their homes. The crash started with housing and will end with housing. Stop the foreclosures and modify everyone who is eligible to keep them in their homes. Refinance everyone with good credit regardless of home value. Give ten thousand dollars to anyone buying a home. Stop counting foreclosures and shortsales in comparables for appraisals. Start giving back the value Wall Street took away when the derivatives blew.

Second. One person one vote. Get rid of congress. They are bought and sold anyway. We have the internet. We are a democracy. Take the issues to the people and let majority rule. The business of government can be handled by the executive but on issues of war and major bills, let the people vote. They can handle it. They will vote in their self interest and that will give us a plurality of the people and not the lobbyists and banks.

Third. Universal health care. A true public option. So people really can have a Healthcare in this country as a right and not be dependent on their job or the whim of some insurance company. A true public option that will stay with you from cradle to grave and not be subject to the political winds of the time.

Fourth. Leave Medicare and Social Security and entitlement programs alone. They are all the people have right now. Let the Bush Tax cuts expire for the wealthy and fund it with that.

Five. A stimulus for the middle class. That's right for everyone who pays taxes in this country, a big fat check to get them on their feet. We have no problem with giving billions to banks and corporations and the oil companies.  Give the money to the people who made it. It is their money. Let them get the economy moving from the ground up.

Well, that is my five cents. And while we are at it, why not start a new political party? The Tea Party did it. And I have a name for that party. The Middle Class Party. Kind of catchy, don't you think?
Rocket Man....being in the middle class shouldn't be this hard

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