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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Young Republicans Berkley Bigot Bake Sale

Berkley young Republicans are selling cupcakes for two bucks to whites and seventy five cents to blacks. This underscores the inequities of Affirmative Action quotas. They also have goodies for Latinos for a buck and Asians for a buck fifty. The Young Republicans are demonstrating the inequities of quotas for admission to Berkley. Young white men in suits are being wronged by the throngs of minorities displacing more young white Republican men. Can anyone say Tea Party light? Give me a break.

That these guys haven't been laughed off stage or booed off stage or stoned is a real testament to the press bending over backwards for A holes. These are Cantors in training. Hiding under the guise of some bogus principal while pumping out the same old racism that plagues white men of a conservative bent. They look so put upon in their upscale university that my heart bleeds for them. It is not enough to be among the best and brightest of the land, no they have seen that people in Congress can get away with saying just about anything while hiding under conservative values. And nobody will call them on it.

Would these guys have even thought about trying this in a different climate? The Tea Party took the lid off Americas ugly dark side that paints white people as under siege from hordes of minorities. The secret of being white is that it is a stacked deck in your favor. No amount of quotas will change the fact that white Americans get a leg up just by their color. I have enjoyed many perks someone of color can not. But to paint the bake sale as demonstrating some egalitarian principal is the same BS the conservatives use to cut entitlements under the guise of fiscal responsibility.

The sad truth is the Young Republicans see the Old Republicans acting like A-holes and getting away with it and they figure they can too. The Republican  Berkley Bigot Bake Sale is nothing more than good old white racism painted on the palette of a white bread college elite. The Young Republicans should go to class and shut up and thank their lucky stars they are in fantastic college while the rest of the country slugs through the worst of times. Poor babies.
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