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Monday, September 12, 2011

Why Americans Love a Cowboy like Rick Perry

Because he denies everything. Take Global Warming. There isn't any. You sure about that? Yep. What about your state burning up? Nope. Nothin to do with it pardner. Hmmm. The ice caps melting. Natural phe-nom-ena. Ohhhh. And we feel better. Hell, we don't have to change anything, because you know what? It's not our fault. President said so. It just happens in nature that ice melts and temperatures rise and New York City has a hurricane and we had the hottest summer in 100 years. Nope, cowboy, aint our fault.

And we like that. None of this anguishing squirmy Democrats who wring their hands and say we have to stop polluting or Chicago will be like Louisiana soon. Nope. Just aint true. And that social security? Ponzi sheme my friend. Better off without it. Just like that. No, lets change it and fix it. Nope. Aint gonna work no how. Just junk the whole thing and start over. Well he must know what he's talking about. I do partner. I do. Lookahere. You either stand in your own two boots or you don't. Were Amerurcuns.

Now Reagen is creeping up on us in that big hat and boots on that horse chopping wood. Americans never even knew they had a race problem. Remember that one? There wasn't a race problem because Reagen said there wasn;'t one. There sure isn't one under Rick Perry. He's white. We are white. And we can all just get along without that Medicaid and Medicare. You just don't need that. We don't need it in Texas and you are better off without it. Well, he must know what's hes talking about. Sure I do buckaroo.

And what about all those people who were put to death in Texas. Does that keep you up at night governor? Nope. Sleep like a baby. None of that bleeding heart tearing your hair out stuff if the guy is really guilty. He done the crime and now he has to do the time. Well, you know what I mean. And lets get some jobs here for people some a-way. How we do that? Just go on out there and start looking man. That's how we do it in Texas.

Hey it worked before. Reagen got two terms just saying there are no problems just solutions. Well there are no problems. It might work again. At a point people just shut down and want somebody to say you know what; there aint no Global Warming and hell yes the Chinese are our enemies and good times are just around the corner because I said so.  You never know. We might have one more cowboy left in our national Fantasia.

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