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Monday, September 12, 2011

The Rocky Horror Tea Party Debate

Creepy. That is the one word that comes to mind when Ron Paul said he would let a young man die who had not bought health care. And then the audience of Tea Party faithful cheered and clapped. How Romanesque. We were only lacking the lions in the coliseum. Wolfs question of a man who has a stroke was met with the Heart of Darkness that is Tea Party America. You mean you would just let him die? Wolf persisted. And Ron Paul shrugged and invoked Social Darwinism, bringing up how churches and communities should step in, but if he did not buy health care coverage then yes he should die. The crowd cheered again.

And then there was the immigration question. Walls and helicopters were applauded along with troops and sending them all back where they came from. Rick Perry was booed for having a program of college tuition for young immigrants working toward citizenship. Then there was the social security medicare dance in Florida. Perry and Romney spar while trying to say we should change but keep it. And then the pouncing on Ron Paul when he said maybe we shouldn't have bases around the world and that's what caused 9/11. Boos and more boos. Everyone declares Obamacare evil. Cheers and more cheers.

And then the Fed. Treason. Perry wants to try him for treason. Applause. The others want him fired and then audited but might be open to more. Jobs. Give it all to the corporations. A lone tweeter asks what about the workers. Herman Cain of Godfathers Pizza says that if you give business the reins then the worker will profit. It happened at Godfathers. Right. Right. And then all the creepy responses of God and Country and Pro Life and getting rid of Department of Education and the EPA and all the other agencies that hold back American business.

And then it ended the and red faced tea partiers clapped like mad. Perry will be the candidate with Romney running second. Romney is just not extreme enough for this blood thirsty crowd. This we know in Tea Party land; the Republican party is no more. CNN interviews everyone like they are all very normal people and not the worst of Americans. Not the small minded hate filled seed spawned by hard times and paranoia. The I Got Mine crowd taken to it's logical conclusion. The Rocky Horror Tea Party Debate had ended and all you could think of was the last line of Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness....the horror.

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