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Thursday, September 1, 2011

The President Gets Bullied Again

Have you ever heard of a Speaker of the House telling a sitting President:  No, you cannot address Congress on that day because we are having a Republican Debate that conflicts. Or:  no you can't do it because it takes too long for the security sweeps Mr. President. Or no: you can't do it because we have to get our JOBs plan organized and ready for a rebuttal. Take your pick, but the Speaker of the House just backed the President down AGAIN. Come on!

Forget about being the adult in the room. Not. This has never happened and probably will never happen again. The President let the Speaker bully him again. I mean you may call this trivial and silly, but this is what it is coming down too...WHO IS REALLY LEADING THE COUNTRY? John Boehner and the Tea  Party or the President of the United States?  You really got to wonder. It has an errie resemblance to the Debt Ceiling massacre. Boehner said Ok and then said NO. Why? Because party operatives said, John, there is a Republican debate at the same time. The President will upstage our future candidates!

Then Boehner cooks up the security sweep bull. Since when did he become the man to tell the President what the protocol is for security sweeps? Ever since he realized he could bully the President. We all know where this is going. This is going for High Noon. Forget about the jobs program that will never happen; Barack Obama better find  his line in the sand. Otherwise he will be the perpetual skinny guy getting sand kicked on him by the Speaker and his Tea Party brethren. No Charles Atlas course for building muscle will save the President now. There simply isn't time. He's going to have to go it alone, because High Noon is coming.

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