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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pepper Spraying Cop Gone Bad

Everyone has been terrorized at one time or another like the woman who was pepper sprayed in the financial district of New York for doing absolutely nothing. If you watch the video you see terrorism at its finest. A random act of terror designed to intimidate, torture, maim. The cop in question is an Inspector with NYPD and he moves like a terrorist from the right side of the video, sprays the woman and then runs off. He is then caught later spraying people indiscriminately. What is this all about?

Rogue cop. Maybe. But who he is working for and who is he working against. The demonstration is against the great ripoff of Wall Street and the collective forces that have taken money from millions for the gain of a few. Is he an ideologue? Absolutely not. Did he see the protesters as assaulting the people he was sworn to protect. Yes. And he is sworn to protect the status quo. Because the police are more  like the military now than ever before and we live in a police state.

Just get pulled over and you know what I mean. Guilty before innocent. You are treated like a criminal until you show the proper respect and then you get a pass. The power concentrated in the police forces of our country is absolute. A routine traffic stop strips you of all your rights. You are literally at the mercy of the cop who has you in his lights, checking your license. It is up to him whether you go to jail and this depends more on how you act than what you have actually done. Sounds more like the Soviet Union than America doesn't it?

And if you are not white then you are really in trouble. But even if you are white you can get pepper sprayed for nothing more than being at the wrong place at the wrong time. The twenty something woman screaming in pain is a wake up call. The status quo will be preserved at all costs. And the pepper spraying cop is nothing more than an example of how power has become concentrated in this country in the hands of the few. And they will do anything to keep it.
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