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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Of Course It is Class Warfare

When the rich and powerful take money from the middle class and line their pockets with the twenty seven percent of the total wealth going to one percent of the population or when four hundred families make more than fifty percent of the population then it is just doing business. When Medicaid and Medicare and Social Security are put on the chopping block it is fiscal conservatism. When Unions are busted and teachers are fired it is putting our house in order. When forty six million people slip into poverty it is Ron Paul's Social Darwinism played out to it's logical conclusion: just let them die.

But when the middle class stands up for itself against Wall Street and Corporate America, it is class warfare. Or when the President draws a line in the sand finally and says you know what, the wealthy have to kick in too; then it's class warfare on the Job Creators. Or when the Unions fight back it is Revolutionaries in the streets promoting class warfare. But it has always been class warfare when the Monied interests declared war on the middle class years ago. The difference now is the middle class is fighting back.

The great lie of the last ten years has been to give the companies sitting on two trillion dollars all sorts of breaks so they will create jobs. Or Trickle Down. We now know not a drop trickles down. In fact it is worse because the Job Creators are trying to take whatever remaining moisture there is in the economic soil. Think Texas. That is what the American economy looks like right now. Why? Because the rich have taken all the water and left just a few tumbleweed and cactus. If money is water then we are in a severe drought. Just try and get a loan and you will see how parched the American consumer is now.

There is no credit for most people. Why? Because the faucet was turned off and pointed to the much greener lawns overseas. The middle class of American has been passed over by the monied class of America and tossed aside like a pair of worn out shoes. That is why no one wants to give money to middle class people anymore; they are not seen a a good bet. So it comes down to we can only help ourselves and the President by proxy is in the same boat.

With the Republicans licking their chops already on a 2012 victory, Obama has realized finally his fate lies with the people who elected him. The middleclass and the President will truly all swim or drown together now. But if Obama holds the line, he will win. In the lines of that famous movie: ...Barack, this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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