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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Middle Class is not rich

Republicans bet on a basic premise: that middle class Americans will see themselves as wealthy. This is how they won before. Republicans tell middle class people the Democrats will take their money. They will take their taxes and give it those less deserving. But the truth is that they are talking to the rich. The rich care about this issue and have real fear that the government will finally catch up with them and demand their fair  share. But they sell this canard to the middle class. And it is working again.

Lets define rich. You don't have to work and you are not dependent on pensions or social security. You have enough money in the bank to live off the interest or your investments. You are truly independently wealthy. That is a rich person. That is who the Republicans represent. They represent people who don't have to work or who own corporations. They do not represent middlelclass people. They are trying to get rid of middlelclass entitlements. Social  Security, Medicaid, Medicare, mortgage deductions. If you are dependent or look forward to any of these then you are not the constituency of the Republicans. Not anymore.

Once upon a time this was not so. But really since Reagen the the Republicans have been selling the middle class the notion they are rich. They have something to lose by electing Democrats. If you are a working person this is simply not true. You are not rich. You are not wealthy. They do not represent you, worse they work against your interests. But middle class people forget this every time.

Maybe it is the wish that we were all rich. Americans believe in upward mobility so if we believe we are rich then maybe we will be. But to think that a Rick Perry or Mitt Romney has your interests at heart is ridiculous. They represent the one percent and all those who support them. Confusing ideology with economic realities is dangerous. Especially when your head is on the chopping  block.

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