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Friday, September 9, 2011

Maybe the Triumph of Obama is Obama

It doesn't look good. The speech was great and the American Jobs Act sounds like a great alternative to doing nothing. But you sure don't have much confidence in the Republicans. They aren't going to pass anything and doing something is better than nothing, but it looks like nothing is what we will get. And you have to wonder at this point if the triumph of President Obama is that he ever got elected in the first place. That an African American who came from the left and who championed a progressive agenda and made it all the way to the Presidency against an entrenched white power structure is really his triumph and ours.

We forget that like Jackie Robinson, Barack Obama is a pioneer. He is the first black President. And like all pioneers we can't expect too much. It isn't surprising that he has been isolated and neutralized by an entrenched oligarchy. It is not surprising that the GOP's main objective is to get rid of him or that anything he brings up they are against. He literally could take their policies and make them his own and they would vote it down. Such is their determination to get rid of him.

So we see the writing on the wall. The Republicans will just let he economy tank and ensure he is a one term President. Forget the fact they are throwing the baby out with the bath water by doing nothing for middle class Americans, they have decided that to rid themselves of the Barack Obama trumps anything else and that includes the country.

When Jackie Robinson broke the color line in baseball he had to keep his mouth shut. For years he endured slights and insults and the hurled Nword. He just stoically kept performing. When he finally left baseball he opened his mouth and let everyone know how disgusted he was with what he had to put up with. You have to wonder what Barack Obama will have to say when he leaves office. It should be interesting.

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