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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Just Do Something

My father is a salesman who believes any action is better than no action at all. Even if it is the wrong thing it is better to just do something than to not try anything. Is there any better metaphor for our current state of affairs with a President about to unveil his last ditch effort to get things going again? At sixteen percent unemployment it will be a tough sell to the American people come next November and lets hope he knows it and comes out of the Ivory or Ivy tower of advisers and Harvard committee ship and hopefully realizes he has nothing to lose with Republicans already salivating over a bleeding White House.

And we need him to just do something. With an economy driven by five percent (the rich) of the people buying thirty seven percent of the consumer goods we are a lopsided ship threatening to turn turtle at any moment. Recession is now a matter of definition. Certainly our last best hope lies with the President as any of current crop of Republican Trickle Downers will be a disaster. With a middle class that has no  buying power and virtually no value in their homes the last thing we need is more slash and burn Tea Party mythology that balances the budget on the backs of the working class folks that now includes the middle class. Is there any difference now between these two classes?

Obama with all his flaws is our best chance to prime the pump and start giving jobs to people from the bottom up. There is no chance with the Republicans. They have drank their own Kool Aid and truly believe business will bail us all out if we just give them the chance. Business people did not become benevolent servants of the state suddenly. Gandhi has not descended in a suit. They are people who want to make money and one thing they figured out was computers and investment overseas is a surer way to corporate profits than bailing out the middle class  with jobs. Just read Atlas Shrugged and you will understand.

So really this is the last stop on the good train JOBS FOR THE MIDDLE CLASS. The President will win if he just does something. Just start hiring people for everything he can think of bridges, roads, railroads, schools, buildings, whatever. That is what FDR did and he knew it would take a couple years for the courts to catch up with him. Obama should take the same strategy and ignore the Republicans and flex all the executive muscle he can and wait for the courts to catch up to him. By then he will have employed millions and fulfilled my fathers basic strategy in life.

He did something over nothing.

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