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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Going Rogue with Sarah

Sarah Palin is suing Joe McGinnis for publishing lies about her. I think Sarah owes Joe a thank you. I mean she is so much more Rogue. She had an affair with an NBA player and snorted cocaine and threw tantrums and tried to get people fired for crossing her and hated her job as governor and is all about the money. How rogue! Much better than the June Cleever sex hockey mom wrapped in a flag sandwich she sells to everyone. I would personally much rather have a fornicating coke snorter for President than the humorless Beavers mom.

But she says it is not true. The First Dude is pretty fired up over all this. He says Joe stalked Sarah. Joe says it was nothing of the kind. He just took a house next to her to get a better view and cut down on his commuting time. I get that. I work over my garage or in an attic and I like to keep my commuting time low. I would move in next to my protagonist or antagonist if I could, but I write fiction.

But Joe says he's sick to death of Palin and wants to move on now. He says he just printed what the facts were. He even called the NBA dude to confirm the affair. He has been making the talk show circuit and what he says sounds credible. So Sarah did some blow. So she likes sex. So she's kind of a wacko. I mean this makes for good fodder for the talk show circuit and it sells books.

Sarah should get that. She is all about selling books. The woman who wrote Going Rogue should appreciate old Joe showing her underwear (or thong) to the world. I would think Sarah affectionados would rush to get this book. I mean what is more maverick than having an affair and blasting blow and throwing tantrums and canning people who piss you off. Yeah baby, now that's, Going Rogue.
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