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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ban Lifted on Twain Book "Eves Diary"

Seems Mark Twain knew all about book selling. Ron Suskind writing the second he scurries out of government has nothing on him. Salaciousness sells. Just ask the author of the Palin tell all Joe McGinnis. Sarah had  an affair with a basketball player. And he was black. Or Suskinds contention Obama doesn't like women. Even that sells in a sort of reverse misogynistic boys club man cave oeuvre.

But Twain wrote Eve's Diary in 1906 and it was too racy for a library in Charlton Mass and was banned for one hundred and five years. Talk about being out of print. The book about the relationship of Adam and Eve had racy pictures that one Hattie L Carpenter (librarian) did not care for and started the  ball rolling. The ban held and patrons of the library could not find the racy little book anywhere in the stacks.

And Twain knew even then it would be good for sales and called the banning parties "freaks of of the Charlton library." But now all has been forgiven.The book has been restored and people can now read Eves Diary dirty pictures and all. I suppose there is nothing new under the sun. Sex sells. Even anti sex sells. I am sure Hattie L. Carpenter would not have let Joe McGinnis's book into her hallowed library . Maybe she wouldn't have even let that misoginistic Suskind tell all in the door either.

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