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Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Bad Guys Are Winning

The bad guys are winning. You can see it in Chicago when you walk from the train and head east toward the lake and all along the way are people begging for money. They don't have teeth and are predominantly  African American and they sit there with their signs. HELP ME PLEASE. And you walk past them in your hurry and you think well they were always there and then you see something else. Something you never saw before. You see people who are well dressed. A woman with a dress on who looks like she could be working in an office building. She is standing very dignified by the Chicago River Bridge with a simple sign. I HAVE DONE EVERYTHING I CAN PLEASE HELP.

And that's when you know the bad guys are winning. People like Rick Perry and Michelle Bachman and Romney and Rick Santorum and Eric Cantor and the Tea Party people.These are not the good guys. They talk about abortion and God and morality as they chop and chop and chop. They want to get rid of the earned income tax credit for poor people. They want to get rid of tax credits for kids. Mortgage deductions. They dont want to give relief for Hurricane Irene victims unless there are cuts somewhere else. They want to get rid of Medicaid and Medicare. They want to defund education, the environment. Get rid of every entitlement program they can. Destroy Healthcare reform. And they paint it all as Godly and wrap themselves in the flag. These are the bad guys of our times.

They do not want to extend unemployment. They don't want to raise the debt ceiling. They work for the rich, the powerful, the corporations. These are not people who represent America. These are the Rush Limbaughs of our darkest moments. These people represent the very worst of America. The small minded. The bigoted. Those without empathy for their fellow man. They are utterly without compassion.  If you judge a country by how it treats it's least fortunate citizens, the poor, then America should be judged harshly now. Because we have let the bad guys win.

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