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Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Arab Spring in America

There is a march coming on Wall Street. It is happening in late September drawn together by social media. The twitter revolution is coming to America in the form of thousands who will gather in the streets of finance to protest that something smells rotten in Denmark. This is not unlike Arab Spring where the people see no other recourse. While Republicans equivicate and Tea Parties incite and Democrats wring their hands, the twitter generation is going to take to the streets and who knows what will come of it.

Mayor Bloomberg is already talking about riots from unemployment. This has been the smoldering keg deep in good ship Recession II that is now beginning to burn. How long will people put up with nothing being done to help them? The question answered in the streets of Egypt is now coming here. And the demonstration may be orderly and peaceful but the match is being lit and there is way too much gasoline from forty six million people in poverty now. That is too much ballast for any country to carry and the United States is just about dead in the water in terms of economic growth.

So we have two worlds now. We have the old world dominated by the corporations and a money class that is trying to make sure their world remains intact even as a New World of the people pushes in. The New World will prevail because the weight of humankind is on it's side. There just aren't enough armies to keep people from seeking justice and happiness and a fair chance in the great lottery of life. Call it political gridlock, call it Republican intransigence, or spineless Obamanomics, it is the old order that is crumbling under the pressure of sustained hard times.

People are still making billions while the middle class sinks. Unions are being busted while entitlements are being sized up for the chopping block. Jobs are non-existent. Our American sense of fair play has been violated in a way probably not seen since the days of the Robber Barons in the late nineteenth century. So we will see what the days of September bring. Youth will be served. The New World will come. All we have to do is decide which world we want to live in. The old or the new.
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