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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wisconsin Will Tell the Tale

If the Republicans are recalled from Wisconsin then that will be the chink in their armor or their boat might just start taking water. You have to wonder if the culture war from the 1960's on opened up a second front with the right and the Christians and the disenfracised screaming Take Our Country Back. Sound familiar? But you cannot get away from the class warfare going on right now while London burns and school teachers in Wisconsin talk about rural people taking back what is theirs and uniting against outside forces.

Certainly the gloves are off in all arenas and middle class people have found out they are very much on their own. We hope our populist President will do something but we dont' hold out much hope anymore. He can give a great speech, but....well he gives a great speech. Chris Matthews wants him to turn into FDR, but I don't see that. We really do have to do this ourselves so Wisconsin might be the model. A piece by piece state by state methodology that would ignore Washington for now. We probably are at the anyway you can moment.

So in Wisconsin they will recall the Republicans who sold them down the river. If they are successful then there might be a way to strike back at the Evil Empire. I guess we are the Jeti right? And who would be Darth Vador...hmmm....Michelle Bachman looked kind of scary on Newsweek and she is nuts. Alright, she can be Darth. Luke Skywalker? Hmmmm....Ed Shultz. He just needs a bigger rocket ship. 

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