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Monday, August 22, 2011

Why The GOP Can't Find a Candidate

It's not who you are for but who you are against. Keep that in the back of your mind with the basic question posed: Why are the GOP candidates a bunch of crackpots? Take ideology and put it into a living breathing person. Take Tea Party ideals such as the slash and burn take no prisoners approach to government and start over with a debt default.

Now take Rovian ideas and blend them with the Christian coalition and birthers and weave in good old fashioned xenophobia and absolute paranoia over anything smacking of entitlement or taxes and then sprinkle in a little bit of racism and rural throw a cloak over it and gas it up with disenfranchisement and healthy disrespect for intellectualism, urbanism, multiculturalism, environmentalism, education, the United Nations and anything to do with the twenty first century--now pull off the cloak and you have GOP candidates.

Is it any wonder even the Republicans lament their lack of choices. It's come down to Carl Rove wishing Sarah Palin will jump in or that Rick Perry will save everyone by his we did it in Texas we can do it here. Or that the economy will continue to tank and even ET could be elected. But the truth is all the GOP candidates are terrible and everyone knows it. Which again begs the question why? Because when the you take those issues that makes such good sound bites and put them into a living breathing person then you can have kind of a lousy human. You have a bland Mitt Romney not worth the price of his Brylcream. Or you have the secessionist from Texas who really is just kind of scary. Or you have Michelle Bachman who might as well get a Halloween costume because nobody believes Mrs. Water the Tree of Liberty will ever win.

And then you are off into the hinterlands of Rand Paul and Herman Cain who both seem like your weird neighbor who builds bunkers in their backyard or invents toilet paper dispensers. So the question again is posed: why can't the Republicans not field a candidate? Is it like the conversation I had with one man from Wisconsin who told me the people who marched in Madison against the Republicans were nuts, but he was a Union man himself and belonged to a Union.

Ideology is fine as long as it stays in the ethereal world of intellectualism. The minute ideology hits the air then compromises must be made to reality. It would seem the Republicans can't even compromise enough to draw in a "normal" candidate.  Could it be their ideology is not normal? It does make you wonder.

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