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Thursday, August 11, 2011

What if the President is just a Writer?

If you read the Presidents books you come away thinking he is a pretty good writer and you think wow, he can write and be President! But what if Obama is just a writer? That would explain a lot. You dont' want a writer in the White House. Writers live in their own head and are not all that crazy about the rest of the world. They are distant, aloof, remote, diffident, cerebral, cantankerous, not crazy about confrontation and try to hide their belief that the rest of the world is quite possibly a bunch of morons. Also writers delegate away mundane tasks to anybody they can.

It would explain in one sense why he just doesn't get it. Writers are fine as long as they operate in their own world. But the real world is pretty messy and often very sweaty and requires a bulldog mentality. Especially if you want to get something done. What is a writers response to this? Go write another book and hide. Possibly for years. Obama seems to have the hiding thing down. He just disappears and I get it. Writers just vanish and let the world continue in it's madness.

Remember the quip during the debates where Obama said "you're likable Hillary" in this super dispassionate voice. That was a writer. He didn't even register Hillary except as someone making a lot of noise. You get that from the President. He is a cerebral man and one thing he probably found out and did not care for is that being the President is not that cerebral. It is a lot of bare knuckled politics resembling a street fight and to get anything done one must roll up his or her sleeves and start swinging. Not something a writer would care to do.

And then there is the whole thing of boredom. Writers get bored really easily. In fact we are extremely fickle on just about everything. Writers get restless and cranky if things feel routine or like a job and they generally start to raise hell or go jetting off somewhere or get in their car and take a trip. Obama is like that. He loves to campaign or put another way he loves getting the hell out of the Dodge. He seems restless with the job and he sure doesn't care for the brain thudding minutiae of government. He delegates just about everything and like a writer he is a generalist and a master of none.

So what does that mean if the President is really just a writer. Well writers can change. They can put aside their writerly self for a while and take jobs and act normal and seem like just about everybody else. The problem is there is a time limit and then the writer goes off on a binge, disappears, or becomes  a raving pain in the ass. The President should really ask himself if he wants to be President again. He might just want to disappear and write another book.

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