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Monday, August 8, 2011

Tea Party Throws Nation Under the Bus

Boy those tea partiers really showed us. They threw the entire nation under the bus. They said they wanted us to default and they got their way. Now that our credit is trashed they can say, SEE WHAT SPENDING BROUGHT YOU! I don't know who voted for these guys but I hope they have gold buried in the backyard because that is all that they will have once the ramifications of these idiots really hits home. Credit trashed, markets tanking. Gee, now do we really need a governing class in this country or did the populists show us all by sending morons to Congress who don't understand rule one about the economy or the art of compromise?

You really can't blame the Democrats or the Republicans. They wanted to compromise but every time the Speaker  returned to the House, the Tea Partiers said UH UH. Not going to do it! Then the dirty secret leaked out that they thought a default would do the country good. Strong medicine. Tough love. Spare the rod and spoil the child. Take your pick. It's prohibition all over again and the sinners must be punished. Our Puritan work ethic doth run amok. Bad Bad Middleclass. Eat your bar of soap and watch your credit go down the toilet.

So now we are screwed. Everyone knows what credit is all about. Good credit and you get the rate while with bad credit you get the shaft. We now have bad credit. And it is because elected officials played with the Good Faith of three hundred and fifty million people and threw the nation under the bus when they didn't get their way. The S& P saw our dirty secret and that is that we have lunatics inside our government. Think computer virus. We have a virus that is making our political system crash, freeze up, reboot. We can no longer function and that is why the Tea Party should be thrown into Boston Harbor with all their phony baloney tea.

What a disaster. Not everyone can be President and not everyone can be in Congress. Why? Because some people are just not smart enough! As F. Scott Fitzgerald said, "a sense of the fundamental decencies are parceled out unequally at birth." The Tea Partiers dont' understand the art of the deal. Populism is well and good if you don't put zealots or radicals in power. Think Huey Long. Think of all the cable news nut jobs who would be terrible in government. Now have a cup of tea and think about how to get rid of someone who just doesn't get it. On second thought, make it coffee. Tea sucks.

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