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Saturday, August 27, 2011

People Should Talk Politics

It is no longer race. The taboo subject is politics. But this is our problem. The Fed says the biggest threat to our economy is THE GOVERNMENT. Us. I'm sorry but by proxy the government is us. We elected all these people and now we are stuck with the mess. Gridlock. No one can do anything. And it seems to be getting worse. But isn't the government polarization a mirror of our own? We can no longer talk politics unless we are sure of the people who are around us. In other words they need to be on our side for us to open our trap.

But isn't that bad for democracy? If we are a nation of FOX/MSNBC watchers hearing only what we want to hear and then avoiding any discussion of issues of the day, then how can we form a consensus? Um, you remember that word CONSENSUS. That means we meet somewhere in the middle. We compromise. But this can only happen if we hear the other sides view point. The problem is we don't hear the other side except in the sound bites from the channel we prefer.

Politics has to be discussed now by a populace that has to shut up and listen to what the other guy has to say. Lose the bumper stickers and the outlandish SOCIALISM DEATH PANELS crapola. There is no percentage in ideology. We have to talk politics now and hear the other side and then figure out what the real problem is. If we cannot listen to the other side and come somewhere in the middle then how can we expect our vacationing representatives to change?

So the next time somebody says I think Nancy Pelosi is a Socialist or the Tea Party is a bunch of might just say, really? Now I dont' agree with that and here is why. What a concept.

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