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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Not Enough Pie to Go Around

You have to wonder if there is simply just not enough pie to go around. All our worldwide convolutions seem to have a common threat and it is that the promises made in the last century cannot be kept in this century. There is simply not enough resources, money, land, water to deliver on the promises made. Social Darwinism is rearing it's ugly head and without a war the general message seems to be that some of us will make it and a lot of us wont. Such is the world we  now live in.

It would seem the optimism that started with the Wright Brothers in Kitty Hawk and dampened by the sinking of the Titanic then buoyed with our triumph over evil in two World Wars then reinforced with the American Centuries Gottermerung of Capitalism, has ended not with a bang but a whimper. We promised the world during those high flying years and the world cannot understand why we wont deliver. From the Arabs to those protectected by our vast Social Safety Nets, we cannot pay on the checks our higher nature is writing.

We have always believed that everyone could have a shot at the American Dream. But of course we never talked about all the people who didn't get it. They mostly died or starved or just went silently into the American night. But now we are really faced with the reality that most people will not find this mythical Leave it To Beaver land of milk, two cars, and a home. We simply don't have the cash and it seems nobody else does either.

Nothing new under the sun. We staved off the laws of survival of the fittest for maybe fifty or sixty years while we ruled the world, but the sun has set and we now no longer have the dineros to help those who cannot help themselves. Like those poor souls who drowned in the icy Atlantic with lifeboats nearby, it is truly every man, woman, and child for himself. At least with the Titanic, woman and children were spared. First class that is.

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