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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Grover Norquist and Carrie Nation for President

Grover should be President and Obama can become a lobbyist. A man who did to the Republicans what the Republicans did the Democrats is clearly qualified. And he set the policy for the debt ceiling deal--not the President. The real question is...who is this guy? Little dumpy guy with glasses who looks like an accountant and talks like an accountant. That dumpy guy with glasses backed down the Republicans like a bunch of dogs and they ran scared. Now why would they do that?

As Senator Simpson asked, who is this guy and where does he get his money? How could he set policy for the entire country? Who is behind Grover Norquist? Could anybody else do this and not be put under a microscope? Essentially one man set policy for millions of people. He blackmailed the Republicans and they blackmailed the President. Vote for taxes and lose your seat. Vote for taxes and we blow up the economy. It all rolls downhill and Grover sits at the top grinning like a Cheshire cat. Very strange.

The problem is Grover and the Tea Party are like the old prohibition crusader Carrie Nation. She was a one woman wrecking crew who deemed a call from God to stop the sinners from drinking. She turned a nation over and everyone lost the right to drink. There is a Puritanical streak to Grover and his brethren. It is the school marm telling us all we have been bad and we must take our medicine. We have spent too much and no new taxes for your spendthrifts. If Carrie Nation was alive today she would give Grover a run for his money. Come to think of it they probably would have married.

Or run for President.

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