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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Christine O'Donnell Defines the Book Interview

Christine O'Donnell redefined the book interview by walking off Peirs Morgan interview. She didnt like the questions and wanted to talk about Tea Party idiocy. He kept asking her about gay marriage and masturbation and she referred him to her book. She claimed she wasn't running for office, but she evaded his questions like a politician. Finally someone walked in front of the camera and Christine walked off.

As she put it she wanted to only answer the questions she preferred. She repeatedly said Piers was being rude, but of course the absurdity of the interview called in the absurdity of Christine O'Donnell. What had she done besides lose a Senatorial race to qualify her to write a book? The short answer: nothing. And that was what confronted her interviewer. Did he really care about her views on government? No. Her claim to fame was calling for the end to masturbation.

The whole fracas pushes up the ugly picture of fame for fames sake. Christine is still enjoying her fifteen minutes but she has done nothing to deserve it but run for a government office and lose. But she wants her cake and she wants too eat it too. It is not enough she published a book when thousands cannot. She wants respect. And that is what the world will not give her. Nor Piers Morgan.

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