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Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Brave New World After Borders

I can't get over the irony that as I listen to the news about the closing of Borders I am in the throes of converting my books to digital formats for Kindles, Ebooks etc. Certainly there is a brave new world of publishing and for brick and mortar bookstores it will be a challenge. Nothing new, but as I pull up my old books from old computers I think, My God, this is a new world of publishing! The very fact that after I convert my files, spruce them up, I will end up republishing my old and new books is as far from the old world of publishing as we can really get.

This is really a great thing for authors if you retained your electronic rights. You no longer are beholding to large corporations to get paid. If someone buys your book then you get paid directly. True, the glamour of publishing is diminished. We have all heard the story of the girl who made a million dollars from her Young Adult self published Ebook titles. She made that money without signing a contract, not having one book signing, not sitting down with an agent or a publisher or going through the editing hoops and waiting around for a publisher to send a check to an agent who would then send it on to her. Think about it, she went around the whole thing.

And so there is Borders. All you have to do is upload your titles to Kindle to realize how Borders was doomed. There is no middle man. The publisher is the seller is the author. This is amazing. All those middlemen have been eliminated, but unfortunately that translates to a lot of jobs. But, for once, it is not the authors whose head is on the chopping block with out of print titles, remaindered books or charge backs on advances. Now that is A Brave New World. For the authors.

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