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Friday, July 8, 2011

Wisconsin in Washington

Think of the teachers marching in Wisconsin with their signs and scarfs and their puffy coats and remember the strange feeling of seeing middle class people fighting state troopers and yelling inside the state house and moms shouting in the frigid air of Wisconsin while the governor and the republicans broke the back of their union and then rammed through legislation designed to destroy collective bargaining and more than that designed to dismantle workers rights hard fought for the last hundred years. Now take Washington and put the entire country there because our union is being broken and our collective bargaining is being stripped away even as you read this.

A small band of Tea Party elites (freshman house republicans) are dictating the course of our lives and the President has allowed us all to be collectively blackmailed by the one percent hiding under the cloak of fiscal responsibility (the deficit) while ramming through a an agenda of social ideology (think Christian coalition one percent Dick Army corporate Wall Street interests) determined to roll back the losses incurred in the sixties but more than that the dismantling of the NEW DEAL. The President has sold us all down the river. And for an African American I would think he understands the metaphor.

He should have never negotiated with these terrorists. Remember that one? You don't negotiate with terrorists. What else do you call people who put a gun to your head?They are chopping Medicare, Social Security and here's the one that will knock, middle class people to the floor, they are talking about changing tax deductions, you got it ,the mortgage interest deduction, one of the few benefits middle class people have left. But more than that, how did our President allow this to happen? Why is he so in love with rich white people?

But he is. President Obama is a wimp and worse than that he is turning out to be a suck up.  Doesn't he understand that if you don't stand up to people they will keep taking advantage of you? Does he think his cheesy smile will buy off those that hate him and worse don't respect him? The simple fact is he has sold us down the river by taking on the Republican BS about cutting the deficit so jobs will return. And I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

Doesn't he know that Wall Street would never let the United States default? Doesn't he know that the order would come from down on high to strike a deal if the President drew a line in the sand and said you want to default on our debt? Lets rumble. He has not stood up for those that are no longer represented in Washington: the middle class.  He is a lapdog for the one percent and the metaphors get worse from there. The man simply has no gonads and now everyone knows it.

And so now we will have Wisconsin in Washington. People will march because they will have nothing left to lose. My question is can we recall the President the way Wisconsin is recalling all those legislators who broke their unions? How about this one. He can become the secretary of state and Hillary can be President. Obama can be charismatic and go to state functions and give speeches. And Hillary can stand up to the bastards who kicked Obama's ass.
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