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Friday, July 1, 2011

The President Better Wake Up

The President better wake up and realize these dudes HATE HIM. He ought to lose the cheesy smile and get ready to rumble because these guys think he is a wimp who they can just keep pushing. Yeah I'm talking about the Debt Ceiling and I'm talking about the Republicans. The President really has to understand he is dealing with school yard bullies who don't give a crap about his smile or his eloquence or his soaring ideals. They want to get rid of him and worse, they never really recognized him as President in the first place. These dudes simply hate you, Mr. President.

They hate your color, your background, your politics, your ideals, your party, your constituency...they hate what you represent. So wake up man and huddle up with Michelle. She knows the score. She knows that the first black President is getting kicked all over the place my McConnell, Cantor, and Boehner. She knows that they never liked your brand in the first place. It is about the money and if you don't believe it try and raise the taxes on the rich right? Aint going to happen. Look at all those people demonstrating in Greece and Britain and soon the United States. They need somebody to stand up for them. That would be you Mr. President.

Somebody has to face down the bad guys. And they are the bad guys. Rip away peoples pensions, health care, social security, Medicare, Medicaid and give the rich one break after another. Nothing new. Go back and watch Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. You are Mr. Smith, Mr. President and you are up a machine as mighty as the one that tried to crush Jimmy Stewart's character. You have let these guys think they can blackmail and you will cave. Why shouldn't they think that?  You did it before.

You have to throw out all your Ivy League pretensions. You have to get back to the days that made you fight so hard to become somebody when the cards were against you. Don't think for a moment these guys will not let the country default. They see it as your bad. Their play is to  throw you under the bus. So you better start fighting now Mr. President. Forget about buzzing around in Air Force One and giving your speeches to people who love you. You got a big problem and you got to fight.

I mean really fight, or it will be way too late for you and everybody else.
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