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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Obama is going to can smell it

The President is caving in. Hold on to your wallets because they just got thinner. Your social security and Medicare benefits just went under the knife. The half speak of getting his hat handed to him again has begun. Everything is on the table. Worse he is meeting with Boehner separately and the President is no match for the Speaker of the House. He just doesn't have the stomach for brinkmanship. So he's can smell it.

The Republicans don't want to tax the rich. Let me rephrase that. They won't let the President or his party tax the rich. They want to get deficit reduction by cutting away the safety net from the middle class. Why not? The middle class is no longer represented in Washington. AARP seems to be the only people raising a stink but the deal will go through. The last cave in on extending the tax cuts for the wealthy took the same course.

Rhetoric. Followed by Obama sounding tough. Then Obama sounding tough but open. Then Obama sounding conciliatory. Then Obama sounding like a wimp. Then he caves. Except this time he is giving up Medicare and Social Security. Once he lets those holes spring in the good ship NEW DEAL then it will just be a matter of time before it takes water and turns turtle. We have seen this before.

We needed a leader and we got a man who just doesn't  have the spine to stand up to the bad guys. The bad guys don't want to tax the rich or the corporations. They want to take away the crumbs from the middle class and leave seniors to fight it out with their vouchers and their jobs at Walmart, Target, and Best Buy. Because that is the only income they will have once the President cuts his deal and does what he does best:

Wimp out.
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